Prescription Goggles for snowmobiling, atv trails, snowmobile goggles, ski goggles, goggle lens, prescription lenses
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Prescription Dirt Goggles
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(Excellent Rating) - Dirt Rider Magazine

"Pro-Vue goggles are the trickest goggles on
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Prescription Dirt Goggles

The ACCURI OTG from 100% is a mid-size frame and features triple layer face foam, woven strap with silicone backing, anti-fog lens, and tear off posts. Goggle Bag Included.
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Black w/Black strap

Blue w/Blue strap

Grey w/Grey/OR strap
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the goggle lens in front of the prescription?
A: Yes.

Q: When the goggle lens gets scratched, can I replace it?
A: Yes.

Q: When the goggle wears out, can I replace it?
A: Yes.

Q: How long does it take to get the goggles?
A: From the time you place the order until they arrive at your door is about two weeks.

Q: How exactly does it work?
A: A look at the photos below – your prescription lenses are fitted into a Lexan carrier lens. The carrier lens then attaches to the goggle lens with two screws. The goggle lens fits into the frame normally, and the carrier lens comes across the inside of the goggle in the same place that your eyeglasses would be, so it is like wearing glasses inside goggles, but the only thing touching your face is the goggle foam.

Q: Are these safety lenses?
A: NO. These lenses, just like the goggles are mounted in, are for wind and dust protection only. They are not intended for use in impact type situations.

Q: Why does the cart checkout not show the shipping cost?
A: Because we use common sense when shipping. If you order only a No-Fog Cloth, we are not putting it in a box and shipping it as a one pound package. If you live in Canada, we are not using UPS because we know customers pay a UPS brokerage fee. If you live on the other side of the ocean, we are not putting your goggles on a boat.

Q: Got more questions?
A: Email us or give us a call.





Dirt Goggle Replacement Lenses
These lenses fit the 100% ACCURI OTG Goggle
100% Clear
100% Lenses
100% Yellow
100% Lenses
100% Persimmon
100% Lenses
100% Orange
100% Lenses
100% Grey
100% Lenses
100% Dark Grey
100% Lenses
100% Blue
100% Lenses
100% Mirror Silver
100% Lenses
100% Mirror Gold
100% Lenses
100% Mirror Red
100% Lenses
100% Mirror Blue
100% Lenses
100% Mirror Green
100% Lenses
100% Tear Offs
For 100% Goggles with Pro-Vue Prescription Lenses and Aluminum Posts Installed
20 Pack. Pro-Vue 100% Tear Offs • $12

Pro-Vue Tear-Off Posts
Replacement posts for 100% Goggles that have prescription lenses installed.
Aluminum, Pack of 2 •
Non-Prescription Dirt Goggle
• Goggle Bag Included

Pro-Vue Roost Deflector Mask
Protects your nose from roost and cold weather.

Pro-Vue Goggle Strap
If your goggle strap is all stretched out, or if you just want to change up your colors, here's a nice replacement strap. All woven with three silicone strips on the back.

Lens Bag
Center divider allows you to store two lenses. (Colors vary)
100% Goggle Case

Protect and keep your goggles organized with the 100% goggle case. Holds four goggles, or three goggles and your GoPro with the included molded foam insert. Plus pockets for lenses, tearoffs, and other accessories.

Pro-Vue Cleaning Cloth
Ideal for cleaning prescription lenses.
Pro-Vue Cleaning Cloth
— Contact Us!
Roko® Quick Strap

Allows you to quickly remove goggles with one hand. Left side velcro, right side pivot. No tools or drilling required.

Red, Blue, Black • $20

Remount Kit • $8.00
No-Fog Cloth
• For prescription lenses
• Do not use on Goggle lenses
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Prescription Goggles for snowmobiling, atv trails, snowmobile goggles, ski goggles, goggle lens, prescription lenses
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