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Thinking About Lasik

If you're considering eye surgery, here's a letter you may want to read first from a former Pro-Vue customer-

Hello, My name is Bob Rathkamp and that's right I was a Pro-Vue customer. I am writing this letter in hope of preventing someone else from traveling my path. Several years ago I was talked into having this wonderful procedure done called "LASIK"--Well, it was wrong from the get go--I could tell something was wrong with my right eye the day after surgery as it just did not seem right with what I had been told. My fine doctor said "No problem, we will do a touch up but we have to wait a while for some healing".

I waited for that "touchup" for nearly two years. Finally, after many visits back to see him, I wanted a date when this "touch up" was going to be done. He then told me that I had some "unusual" scarring and he needed more time because "there were some new improved lasers coming soon".

Frustrated, I made an appointment with anther doctor. It seems that the LASIK procedure was not for me as this doctor said that my cornea was too thin and there was no way that you could perform such a "touch up".

To make a very long story short--my vision is not good. I am wearing gas permiable contact lenses in both eyes (as my other eye got worse, too) and the specialist I am now seeing said that I need a "CORNEA TRANSPLANT" if I ever want to improve my sight.

For the record he also told me that he has THOUSANDS of patients just like me from LASIK gone bad!!

I have friends that have had it done and things seem great--but I can tell you that I would love to be able to put on the Pro-Vues and go riding, and wear glasses or contacts and go on with my life.

But I cannot--I do not even ride anymore because it feels like I have sand in my eyes all the time and my contact lens tends to pop out as my cornea shape has changed so much that they cannot get the contact lens to fit properly. Even being outside in the wind is beyond words--I always have to wear sunglasses--cloudy days and all.
It has been an emotional nightmare.

Some of you might think I went to some "alleycat" doctor--No way-- this guy was supposed to be "The Guy". I paid more than I saw advertised and he said "You get what you pay for" when I asked about the so called "cheap" guys.

All I can say is looking back--Glasses and Pro-Vues were great--I would give anything to get back to those days.

** Comment from the Pro-Vue guy - Do you know where I live? Answer: Rochester, Minnesota. We probably have more doctors per capita than any place on the planet Earth. When I drive down 2nd street on any given day I see dozens and dozens of doctors and nurses walking down the sidewalk, and alot of them are wearing glasses. My own personal doctor wears glasses (and Pro-Vue Goggles when he goes skiing). Ever ask yourself - hey, why are all these doctors still wearing glasses when there is this great surgery out there? Well, I know the answer, and so does my doctor, and so does Bob Rathkamp.

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Prescription Goggles for snowmobiling, atv trails, snowmobile goggles, ski goggles, goggle lens, prescription lenses
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