About Us

Hi, my name is Randy. I'm an amateur motocross racer who had perfect vision until the mid 80's. In about 1987, I started shopping for prescription motocross goggles after struggling with eyeglasses, and losing more than one contact lens at the track. There was nothing out there that didn't look like WWII goggles, so I made my own. I figured maybe I wasn't the only one who didn't like wearing glasses or contacts so in 1989 I started Pro-Vue. I'm the owner, the inventor, the patent holder, the guy that answers the phone and emails, and the guy that builds and ships every pair of Pro-Vue's. Yes, I wear these myself in the summer while racing motocross or trailriding, and in the winter while snowmobiling (and snowblowing the driveway). When you call, I'm the person you'll be talking to, so you can be assured you're speaking to someone who knows this product pretty well.

Randy Nagel